Though serious chefs-in-training flock to New York’s Institute of Culinary Education hoping to become the world’s next Daniel Boulud, you can still take part in one of the hundreds of recreational cooking classes that the award-winning school has to offer.



It is hard not to want to sign up for everything from “Techniques of Italian Cooking” to “Supper Downstairs at Downton Abbey” and “Vegan Donut Workshop,” all taught by instructors whose résumés list top New York restaurants like Le Cirque.


Travelers to NYC will love the institute’s market tours of Chinatown and Union Square Greenmarket. And those looking to up their cooking game can take multisession immersion courses, such as the art of bread making or a butchering workshop.


Once class ends, ICE offers plenty of containers to wrap up all the goodies you’ve made — so you can enjoy a nice afternoon of freshly cooked (or baked) items in nearby Madison Square Park.

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