If you are a fan of South of the Border flavors, Los Dos Cooking School might be your ideal culinary destination.


David Sterling, a chef trained in classic French cuisine came to Mérida, in the heart of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, and fell in love with the richly varied cuisine of the area. Sterling opened Los Dos Cooking School in 2003 in a magnificent colonial mansion.



With the fragrant and colorful Merida as their inspiration, students tour the huge and colorful Lucas de Gálvez market, where they see unusual spices and condiments, piles of recados (the “curries of Yucatán”) and seasonal fruits like guanábana (soursop) and marañon (cashew apple). Students also learn classic Mayan dishes, such as sikil pak (a dip of ground squash seeds and tomatoes) and sopa de lima (chicken soup with limetta, a local variety of lime.)



By the end of the week, you’ll be charring chilis and tomatoes on an open flame, rolling your own tamales like a pro and grinding spices in a molcajete, a volcanic stone mortar and pestle.


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