The Orange County Convention Center is a proud leader in innovative urban agriculture. In partnership with Centerplate, the freshest vegetables and herbs are prepared daily for clients from their very own Center-to-Table Gardens. Located in the Westwood Lobby, the 2,000 sq. ft. aeroponic gardens yield edible greens grown on property in an all-natural, chemical-free environment.




In 2014 Orange County Government published the “Our Home for Life” sustainability plan. Community, Natural Resources, Mobility, Built Environment, Arts & Culture, Education, and Civic Engagement were singled out as focus areas for the coming years. The Orange County Convention Center presents their commitment to this plan, in plain view of the public and the visitors to their facility. Specifically, the gardens are a tangible example of the goal to improve access to healthy food choices, connect individuals with nature, and teach the value of the environment.



A total of 81 towers with 44 planting spots on each tower produce ingredients for many of the meals that are prepared at the Convention Center. Plants are grown in scheduled increments, allowing for harvest according to demand. Therefore, all 81 towers continuously grow plants at various stages.

Plants grown in the Center-to-Table Gardens include:
Kale, rainbow chard, basil, bok choy, celery, peppers, spinach, edible flowers, lettuce, herbs.


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