The food of the future, via hydroponics is being researched and produced in some of the most unexpected places!

IN a secret underground facility, right in the middle of Manhattan, is a 100% operational hydroponic indoor production farm.

Visitors are welcome to see how they grow rare herbs, microgreens and edible flowers using a combination of science, technology, environmental design and engineering to produce the freshest and most delicious products in New York. The grow room contains no pesticides or herbicides and uses 95% less water than a traditional farm. A local approach has allowed Farm One to offer farm-to-table meals with dozens of Michelin-starred restaurants, including Chef’s Table, Jungsik, Daniel, Butter, Marea, etc. as well.



The experience begins at 77 Worth Street, a historic building dating back to 1865. The first thing travelers can notice is that they are about to enter Atera, a prestigious restaurant with 2 Michelin stars. As tempting as dinner may be, visitors continue down to the labyrinthine basement and down the hall – where they will find Farm.One.

Since this space houses both an operational agricultural production facility and an operational haute cuisine restaurant, do not arrive more than 5 minutes ahead of time and do not wander down the aisle. Upon entering the farm, all visitors are subject to a strict biosecurity protocol that includes wearing protective clothing and decontamination.



After introducing yourself and meeting your tour guide, each guest will receives a drink (Prosecco or water) and the tour begins. First, your guide will give you an overview of the Farm.One story, followed by a brief summary of the technology they use and the underlying philosophy. After this, guests enter the cultivation room where the magic happens. Each guest will have the opportunity to try dozens of rare herbs, microgreens and edible flowers, accompanied by expert comments and a more detailed look at the specific components of the farm. Even veterans of the New York culinary scene will be amazed at the wide variety of flavors and aromas the plants produce, and may be inspired to elevate their own cuisine to the next level! After the tasting and examining almost everything on the Farm (all plants are 100% edible!)


The visit will conclude and your group will be led back to the assembly hall where you will have the opportunity to ask your last questions and take a courtesy group photo. Finally, before leaving, you will receive a complimentary gift box containing a sample of the herbs and microgreens found on the tour, to take home and enjoy or to help you share your Farm!


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